Daan met bomen Daan met bomen

Daan Boertien


Daan Boertien is a Dutch concert pianist who specialized in song accompaniment. He performs with several singers in the Netherlands and abroad. As of this season, Daan is Associate Artist of the Dutch National Opera Studio. Furthermore, he is active as vocal coach at Codarts (Rotterdam) and is guest teacher at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. Read more

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Boertien put himself with visible pleasure in the role of clarinet or trumpet. But even more than imitating them on the piano, he searched for the unbridled fantasy of such a clarinetist or such a trumpet player. Extremely skilfull. (...) Sometimes driving, sometimes waiting Boertien gave the singers plenty of room for expression. And how he played the postludium of that last song - unearthly beautiful.

- Peter van der Lint, Trouw

© Martijn Gijsbertsen