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Daan Boertien


Daan Boertien is a Dutch concert pianist who specializes in song accompaniment. He recently performed with internationally acclaimed singers such as Benjamin Appl, Roderick Williams and Thomas Oliemans. His debut CD with baritone Michael Wilmering was praised by the international press. Since 2020, Daan Boertien has been affiliated with the Dutch National Opera Studio as an Associate Artist.

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Specialized in song accompaniment, Daan Boertien proved to be a singer behind the grand piano. With his subtle and delicate touch, his both natural as well as surprising timing and imagination, he is the ideal combination of flexible accompanist and autonomous soloist.

- Eindhovens Dagblad

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July 14, 2024 | 11:30

Internationaal Barok Festival


Songs by Schubert and Loewe

Henk Neven, Baritone
Daan Boertien, Piano

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In his interpretation, Wilmering emphasizes the richly present darker sides in the cycle, which is reflected in, among other things, thoughtful tempos that allow the baritone to allow his fine voice to blossom. The duo has audibly thought about every phrase and every note.

- Erik Voermans, Het Parool

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